Grafica News - Sep 2010

DMI adds one more dimensions to its educational activities

Recently, there were two separate corporate training programs exclusively for Grafica's customers at DMI. Even though DMI conducts workshops every 45 days which cover major topics related to advance screen printing process, there are several customers of Grafica who wants to learn on their specific job applications.

So this has become a fifth dimension to DMI's educational activities apart from regular workshops for printing professionals, training for students, educational road shows & technical workshops at various printing institutes.

A group from Schablona India Ltd., Bahadurgarh (A Somany Enterprise,Manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles & Transfers) underwent three days intense training in all technical matter related to advance screen printing with special focus on process color screen printing on ceramic transfers.

The second program was for a group of Minda Stoneridge Instruments Limited, Pune on the job trouble shooting techniques related to their applications and system to improve their quality and consistency in production. DMI's corporate training programs are designed to give advanced trainings exclusively to all Grafica's customers on their specific needs. This training programs are highly technical and subjective which is carried out personally by Bhargav Mistry, Director, DMI.

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