Grafica News - Sep 2010

To produce quality ceramic transfers I rely only on Grafica

Why Grafica?
“In the past I had very bad experiences with other cheaper machine manufacturer but thanks to Mr. Sanjeev Jain of Om Decals, New Delhi who recommended me to go for Grafica since their machines are the best for ceramic transfer screen printing even though their prices are on higher side”, say Mr. Bansal who is also the Mayor of the Khurja Municipal Board.

“When such an experienced person of our ceramic industry using many machines from Grafica over a decade advises me to go for it, I simply trusted him.” “Now for me cost is not an issue but quality of the machine and assured service backup was important to deliver quality prints.” “I am thankful to Grafica and their engineers for giving proper training on their machines in a simple and systematic manner. With such training and technical support we are now able to produce quality prints with confidence.” “Squeegee pressure equalizing system and peel-off mechanism in Cam-Shell is a very unique and a useful feature required for ceramic transfer. All their machines are trouble free and easy to operate even by our existing workers who were used to the manual operations for several years.” concludes Mr. Bansal.

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