Grafica News - Sep 2010

Why Skreen Park believes in automation?

When three Saurashtra-origin Gujaratis in Madurai, having independent screen printing business - Ramesh S.K.R, Kuppuraj B.V and Senthilkumar M.J, jointly decided to venture into indoor/outdoor media solutions service, their immediate challenge was to source a right technology from a technically sound and knowledgeable manufacturer. Surely, they found Grafica Flextronica was meeting all these decisive factors, as revealed by Mr. Ramesh, one of the Partners of a new company 'Skreen Park'. We were attracted towards Grafica because of their world class manufacturing capability. Most importantly, we were also attracted to their DMI institute which is indeed a value added package for customers,” says Ramesh.

“Since the indoor/outdoor media market demands uncompromising quality, tight delivery schedules involving large formats and high volume jobs, we had no other choice than going into automation straightway and Grafica fitted the bill,” reasons Ramesh. Today, “we are fully pleased with the Quality of the printing.

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