Grafica News - April 2011

Grafica's exports Cylinder Press to UAE

With the successful installation and trials of Grafica's 30 ” x 40 ” Swing Cylinder Press and inline UV, Sharjah based Silver Point Printing Press is aggressively exploring print finishing market, using various UV special effects for value addition.

With widespread shopping culture in the UAE region, Shijo P.L, owner of Silver Point Printing Press, now foresees a big market for his print finishing venture especially for shopping bags and other high end commercial jobs.

He visited Grafica's factory to see the live demo of their Cylinder Press. Shijo saw huge opportunities for value addition through screen printing using latest print finishing techniques demonstrated at DMI.

During the visit Shijo was not only impressed with the performance of Grafica's Cylinder Press and their manufacturing facilities but was also touched by receptive attitude of Team Grafica. “They are lovely people to deal with. I was astonished with their command over screen printing technology. Their impressive world class training institute DMI with a huge collection of screen printed sample was reflection of their rich experience in screen printing education and training. I gained immense confidence and I signed off an order on the spot for Grafica's Cylinder Press, inline UV and complete screen making set up,” reveals Shijo.

In fact, I have never come across with any screen printing machine manufacturers who knows this subject so well and no one has yet explored the capabilities which screen printing can offer.

Why a fully automatic Cylinder Press?

With Cylinder Press now we can have a 24 hour production schedule. Cylinder Press is most advanced technology in screen printing. With low end technology we could only tap the tip of the iceberg called print finishing market in UAE market.”

With cylinder press, I am able to

  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance quality
  • And grow in business.

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Why did you choose brand Grafica?

    I was looking for:
  • A work horse, quality machine
  • Assured and prompt after sales service
  • Technical support on ongoing basis
  • Troubleshooting not in terms of machine but executing new innovative jobs
  • And a trained personnel.

In fact, I was about to finalize Cylinder Press from other manufacturer but Grafica scored high on all counts. It was my understanding that when we were investing on such costly machine we also needed full technical support. So buying the machine from Grafica was completely a value for money proposition perhaps very difficult to get anywhere.

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