Grafica News - April 2011

Design Lines Tirupur jacks up production of heat transfers

Now with Grafica's 20” x 30” Cam- Shell, Design Lines, part of VKR Printing Group, Tirupur started by Mr. S.S. Boopathy along with his partners B. Ganeshkumar and P.Sakthivel has increased its capacity to produce over 100,000 heat transfer stickers per day. It also has complete in-house post finishing facility such as curing machine and fusing machine.

Before automation with 3 manual screen printing tables, they used to face serious quality issues such as heavy and uneven ink deposition, registration problem, rejection and wastage. They were not able to deliver consistent quality. “So, automation was the only answer to meet the quality and production requirement of our customers,” says Mr. Boopathy.

The Cam-Shell was brought by Design Lines' sister concern Goldstar Graphic which was also started by Boopathy along with his partner Mr. P .Varadarajan. The company also manufactures all kinds of multi color heat transfers including tagless neck labels; multicolor garment tags and textile labels, etc.

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