Grafica News - April 2011

NPL enables Graphications to deliver quality industrial labels

“With NPL we have now full freedom to deliver quality industrial labels just in time”. This was the comment of Rakesh Passan of New Delhi based Graphications, one of the early bird customers of Grafica's Nano Premier League (NPL) package.

“There were many quality issues in outsourcing. There used to be frequent delays in deliveries and there used to be lot of rejections by which we used to incur losses,” says Mr. Rakesh. “Introduction of Nano- Screen Maker 5-in-1, vis-a-vis, Nano Premier League was very timely. It suited our requirement; it is perfect entry level package for small and medium entrepreneurs like us. It is a great space saver, easy to operate and it does not require any skilled labour.” “With NPL we have made a new beginning in our business. NPL has increased our confidence level in dealing with our customers with guaranteed assurance on quality, productivity and timely delivery and we have complete control over customers' jobs. Grafica's NPL slogan 'A complete screen printing solution, freedom at last' is really true”.

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Graphications is manufacturer of vinyl, polycarbonate labels and stickers for industrial applications like automobile, electronics etc. The company, run by three brothers – Rakesh Passan, Rajesh and Sandeep has been engaged in this business for the last one decade and they used to outsource all their jobs.

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