Grafica News - April 2011

NPL makes its first entry in US market via FESPA AMERICAS

Bhargav Mistry, Managing Director of Grafica Flextronica and DMI was among the 5 Global Screen Masters who conducted live workshops on various facets of advanced screen printing at the recently concluded FESPA AMERICAS at Orlando, USA. The workshops were held on 24, 25 and 26th February 2011.

Grafica had taken its Nano Premier League (NPL) package to conduct live workshop on graphics screen printing jointly with Michel Caza. A set of creative samples produced at DMI were also distributed to all participants and visitors to generate interest in print finishing for value addition.

“I experienced that print finishing for value addition is a good opportunity for screen printers in the American Market, hence this workshop on this subject was timely” says Bhargav Mistry

FESPA AMERICAS was an exhibition cum conference organized by FESPA. This was one of the first of its kind creative live workshop on advanced screen printing organized by FESPA. It was a unique combination of exhibition with live workshop initiated by FESPA on experimental basis.

“It was a fun experience to jointly work with other four global screen masters (Michel Caza, Ad Verteeg, Scott Fresener, Charlie Taublieb) at FESPA AMERICAS, Orlando, concludes Bhargav Mistry.”

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