Grafica News - April 2011

With Nano-Print Galord Arts delivers high quality labels

Ask Mr. Arvind Purandare of Galord Arts, Mumbai, about the performance of Grafica's NANOPRINT. He simply says that this low cost high quality semi automatic screen printing machine produces what is expected of it.

“NANO-PRINT delivers high quality with accurate registration - even small and sharp letters can be printed with better sharpness compared to manual screen printing.

Now we are able to double our production.” says the veteran. Recently, he has also bought Grafica's Nano- Sharpener. Mr. Purandare, a mechanical engineer turned printing professional for the last 20 years, was aware of the Grafica's reputation as a quality manufacturer since its founder's time. Hence he had no second thought when he wanted to buy Grafica's NANO-PRINT.

“The machine is simple to operate and till today it has been

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