Grafica News - April 2011

Grafica swings into action with improved features on its Swing Cylinder Press

Grafica Flextronica, a leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality screen printing machines and allied equipment, now offers its Swing Cylinder Press (fully automatic screen printing system) with new improved features, incorporated to achieve full production. Fully Automatic Sheet Feed Screen CYLINDER PRESS is available in two types: Swing and Stop. STOP CYLINDER principle offers accurate registration at full speeds where as SWING CYLINDER principle offers speed and effective solution. These machines are designed to remain sturdy even at full speeds thus maintaining higher standards for more durability. Cylinder screen press is faster than the flat bed machines and gives accurate registration. Cylinder press is capable of printing on flexible to semi rigid substrates. It gives same rate of accuracy as the conventional flat bed screen presses with print speed of 2500 to 3500 sheets/Imp/ Per Hr. Cylinder machines offer a number of indisputable advantages. Due to the cylindrical form of the print base, an ideal gap is maintained between the print substrates and the screen both in front of and behind the squeegee edge. Off contact is also set to a bear minimum. Lifting of the screen away from the printed surface is avoided which is otherwise an uneasy peel off mechanism which both strain the screen and causes image distortion. With adjustment of stencil, ink, squeegee, ink and printing substrate, good production speeds can be achieved. The delivery board, which can be pushed down, makes cylinder cleaning or squeegee flood coater mounting/ dismantling easier.

Other regular features:

Operating Control Panel: Easy & user friendly control panel with speed regulator driven with frequency inverter and a digital indicator helps operator to set the desired speed accurately

Cross Over Stand: Helps to feed printed stock to any type of dryers. To prevent damages of hard and heavy stocks at its lead edge and delivers accurate registration. The easy access on both sides of machines saves operators' time.

Cylinder: The top of the cylinder is made of high quality stainless steel which increases the life of cylinder and designed using high pressure vacuum system to ensure perfect registration.

Registration System: The most difficult aspect in screen printing is “registration accuracy'. So the side lay in Grafica's cylinder press is designed with bearing for smooth movement of paper with adjustable pressure as required according to paper thickness and stiffness.

Screen Frame Movement: High quality rails is used for precise vibration free movement of screen frame assembly and delivers stable printing results.

Squeegee & Flood: The squeegee and the flood operates smoothly. A perfect balance ensures proper pressure all over the screen and delivers accurate registration on each print.

Screen Frame Locking: toggle clamp provided to lock the screen frame and fine thread screws provided for three point movement of screen for perfect registration.

In Swing Cylinder Press, the cylinder rotates in reverse forward direction. After the substrate registers (front and side lay) cylinder rotates in forward direction and printing takes place. There after the cylinder rotates in reverse direction to pick up the next substrate simultaneously screen returns at front position and flood coater moves down flooding the ink all over the screen. The timing of the cylinder and substrate movements can be perfectly synchronized to maintain highest registration accuracy even at the full speed. Grafica feels that fully automatic Swing cylinder press with a high print capacity can only be effectively operated when combined with an inline UV curing system which is fully integrated into the print line and capable of reliably handling the sheet stream even at maximum speed. Low production costs per sheet can be achieved with this machine. Grafica's UV curing machine has high performance UV lamps of proven design. These days eco-friendly UV curable printing media are widely used for graphic and finishing screen-printing applications. Grafica Cylinder Press customers receive assured intense training on machine operation and use of its various features; Grafica also provides skilled operators who are trained at its institute DMI; the company provides complete knowhow on advance screen printing process and helps its customers in trouble shooting. Prompt after sales service comes without asking for it.

New and Improved features

  • Stack the sheet while printing: The new double board feeding system further improves the productivity thus reduces downtime while stacking the material.
  • Side lay-sensors: The side laysensor enables to avoid misregistration ('registration' in a typical printer's language) which further reduces rejection.

New: Sticky Roller with Anti- Static System

Dust particles settled on substrates, drastically reduces the printing speed especially when printing on plastics or foil laminated substrate. This new improved feeder offers customer a better solution to improve productivity on such high speed machines. Grafica's antistatic system with sticky rollers is designed to improve the overall performance

Applications: Cylinder press is economical solution for more standardized volume - driven applications. Cylinder screen press finds its applications in printing of textile transfer, plastic cards, ceramic decals, flexible PCB, UV print finishing for value addition on packaging and offset printed jobs, membrane switches, posters, stickers, automotive decals, etc.

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