Grafica News - April 2011

With Nano-Print Navdurga Transfers ups production 5 times

“With Nano-Print my production has increased 5 folds and I have fully recovered my investment within few months,” says Pratap Rajput, Proprietor, Navdurga Transfers, Mumbai. His company was engaged in all types of heat transfers, garment tags, stickers and labels for textile industry, but later focussed on heat transfers.

With limitation in manual operation his company could not accept critical and specialized jobs. “In manual operation uneven squeegee pressure leads to uneven ink deposition and quality improvement was restricted. Now with Nano-Print I can schedule my production with confidence. I could bring great transformation in my heat transfer business, quality and productivity has now improved many folds.”

“Grafica's Nano-Print was within my budget. I liked the speed of the machine and it does not require very skilled labor to operate. Also Nano- Print is truly a space saver and does not create noise pollution.”

“My message to all screen printers: To increase production and improve quality automation is the only solution and Nano- Print is the best to begin with, keeping in mind of low cost, high quality solution.”

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