Grafica News - April 2011

Now Grafica introduces a new concept:
NANO-PRINT semi automatic multi color line

Grafica Flextronica has come out with yet another revolution by creating a new concept “NANOPRINT semi automatic multi color line” with low investment for faster job turn around in four process colour screen printing with UV inks or multiple UV special effects printing.

Grafica's Nano-Print is a low cost high quality semi automatic screen printing machine introduced a year ago. Nano-Print is now making greater strides in the Indian screen printing industry as an entry level machine for screen printers who want to switchover to automation.

“Recently I had to produce a process color samples for my forthcoming FESPA AMERICA workshop to be held on 24 and 25th February in Orlando, USA. So with the intention of proofing the job faster, I experimented by lining up FOUR NANO-PRINTs with FOUR NANOUV inline at my DMI's training centre and screen printed the job instantly like a multi color screen printing line. It was amazing experience,” says Grafica's Managing Director Mr. Bhargav Mistry.

Usually four process colour screen printing on a semi automatic machine is to be done one colour at a time and it is not possible to evaluate the final result until the 4th color is screen printed. But with this concept created by Grafica, screen printers can now instantly see the final output of the printed job and if required one can set the densities of a particular color or tweak the machine settings to get the final print as the proof.

“This is something I assume never done before in the screen printing industry with semi automatic machines. The simple plan has turned out to be a great concept which I feel would be a next leap in the screen printing industry,” says Bhargav.

“This is really a time and money saving strategy which one should start considering as a future investment. This concept also requires less manpower thus reduces supervision time and cost and can increases production at a rapid speed,” he concludes:

Readers can watch one minute video of this new concept of Grafica's “NANO-PRINT semi automatic multi color line” at Bhargav's blog: av/blog.html

Now Nano-Print available in three versions

NANO-PRINT-Print available in three versions


NANO-PRINT is a semiautomatic screen printing machine for every common screen printer across the globe.

  • Print area 15” x 20”.
  • Its easy to start and operate.
  • Single Phase
  • No compressor required.


  1. Single phase (plug n play)
  2. No expensive air compressor required
  3. Reduces manpower
  4. Minimum maintenance
  5. Minimum settings
  6. Quick job changeover, faster production
  7. No hidden cost, it's fully featured
  8. Lower squeegee rubber cost (8 x 30 mm)
  9. Requires less space 3.3’ x 3.5’= approx. 12 sq. ft.
  10. Screen frame holder compatible with aluminum, metal & wooden frames
  11. Print with any types of solvent, plastisol and UV inks
  12. Minimum investment, faster returns
  13. Electrical consumption (Rs. 5 / Hr / Mumbai) = Rs. 40/Shift = Cheaper then helpers salary
  14. Non stop speed 900/per hour

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