Grafica News - April 2011

Palm Graphics Bengaluru uses NPL for value addition

“Screen printing has helped us to reach the stage where we are today”, says N. Muralidharan, Director of Bangalore based Palm Graphics a sister concern of Palm Enterprises who are effectively using Grafica's NPL package to produce garment tags, boxes, brochures, premium paper bags, invitation cards including wedding cards. “We stepped into full automation with the unique entry level package - Grafica's Nano-Premier League (NPL). To our surprise the entire NPL package was offered by Grafica at an unbelievably low cost without compromising on quality, during its launch at Grafica. I was one of the first few who grabbed this great offer,” reveals Muralidharan. Over to his interview:

Why automation?
It is a big challenge when customers demand for consistent quality with higher output and automation was the only way out. After analyzing our strength in print finishing market we realized that there is a good opportunity if we go for automation. Since there are many limitations in manual printing we were compelled to go for complete automation.

Reason to buy complete package (NPL):
To match our print finishing requirement I wanted a complete screen printing solution. NPL is an ideal and complete package best suited for my entry into automation in screen printing.

Why Grafica?
That’s because I had received quite positive feedback about their quality, service, technical support and training.

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Your experience with NPL
NPL is truly a value for money. It is a unique package introduced by Grafica. It is a marvelous system and a piece of great creativity in engineering. I think its a must package for every screen printer who wants to upgrade their manual screen printing unit to progress.

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