Grafica News - April 2011

Plus Creations creatively uses Cylinder Press for packaging

Plus Creations perfectly blends the capability of advanced screen printing techniques with offset printing technology to add 'flavor' to pharma packaging.

An interview with Arvind Manchanda, Managing Director of Plus Creations Pvt Ltd, Sonepat:

Your views about screen printing:

I have reason to believe that UV special effect inks have a big role in packaging for value addition and to check the counterfeit which in turn gives brand protection. In fact major duplication taking place in India is in the pharma industry. It is virtually impossible to arrest the menace of duplication. But, by incorporating various UV special effects and by frequently changing the designs and even the substrates my customers are able to pose a tough challenge to copycats.

Why did you decide to set up inhouse screen printing unit?

With Grafica's fully automatic cylinder press in place, we are now able to offer highly specialized 'anticounterfeit' packaging besides offering value addition services in all other pharma packaging and nonpharma packaging products with touch, feel and smell effects. Today 25% of our printing/packaging jobs is being incorporated with one or more special effects for value addition.

Reason to choose Grafica:

I know Grafica for several years as a reputed manufacturer of screen printing machines. When there is a company (Grafica) right in India, offering high quality machine with international standard and reasonable price what's the need to go for an imported machine ″ ”

Performance of Cylinder Press

Cylinder Press delivers high performance, it is a sturdy machine. It requires less time for machine set up. With cylinder press and inline UV, we are now able to meet tight delivery schedules because of faster job turn around. We are now able to help many pharma companies to boost their sales with aesthetically appealing packaging solutions.

Grafica's after sales service

We are receiving their technical support at every step of our experiment, their after sales service is un-parallel..

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About Plus Creations

The company offers specialized pharmaceutical packaging and promotional solutions including consultancy to several pharma companies under one roof.

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