Grafica News - April 2011

Print Master uses Nano-Print for specialized heat transfer

Kriti Panchal of Mumbai based Print Master has every reason to avow with joy that he is a proud owner of Grafica's Nano-Print.

A diploma in mechanical engineering, Kriti Panchal started off as a commercial screen printer at the age of 19. Later he switched over to garment printing. Print Master undertakes 'only' specialized jobs such as foil, flocking, high density, special effects, etc which were produced earlier by direct garment printing method.

“I bought Grafica's Nano-Print and converted all these jobs to heat transfer printing which is much better option in terms quality, faster and requires less manpower. I have already achieved 'Return on Investment',” he affirms. “Nano-Print delivers consistent quality right from first sheet to 500th sheet there is no variation in printing and this has also given me freedom to focus on marketing and designing.”

“I can vouch that Nano-Print is a useful machine for heat transfer printing. I must thank Mr. Bhargav Mistry and his team from the heart for introducing such a high productive yet low cost machine.”

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