Grafica News - April 2011

Nano-Print raised my status in business community

Ajay Gramopadhye of Goa based Morson Graphics, engaged in barcode solutions and all types of commercial printing, is now more than a contended person ever since he bought Grafica's Nano-Print, Nano-UV dryer and complete screen making setup. That's because earlier he had to undergo all the troubling experiences of manual screen printing.

Why automation with UV?
“As the orders started increasing more space was occupied for drying. There was no proper place to sit with 17 people working in a 3 m x 20 m printing unit. So to achieve qualitative and quantitative production (and to save space), we were searching for an entry level UV Curing solution with simple screen printing machine,” says Ajay. “Nano-Print and Nano-UV is a great combination to achieve faster turnaround of jobs, increase production and enhance quality. It's also truly a space saving solution for me. Today my production has increased by more than 50%; quality of reproduction has improved drastically. With Nano-Print, now I am able to undertake all types of commercial jobs on paper, PVC, adhesive labels, wedding cards and process colour screen printing.”

The company was set up by Ajay father late Vasant Gramopadhye in 1989. He joined the family run screen printing business after the demise of his father. His mother Meena and brother Sanjay are also part of the family business.

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