Grafica News - April 2011

What is so special about screen printing?

“Sensations”, a campaign presented by FESPA is designed to promote the diverse possibilities offered by screen printing, thereby revealing just what screen printing is capable of. The campaign is directed at printers, printing customers and creative and marketing professionals, and aims to highlight the multiplicity of special effects achievable with screen printing. The most significant advertising material used in this campaign is the lavishly illustrated FESPA 'Sensations' book which has been produced by European screen printers.

The book shows 23 special effect inks which may be used for high quality designs in many different ways. This has produced a comprehensive printing work with exciting, inspiring and breathtaking screen printing effects. The inks used range from luminous to tactile, glittery to reflective as well as from heat sensitive to fragrant. The Sensations text is in English, French, German and Spanish and its ring binder format permits the addition of a fifth language.

Screen printing competes with many other media and technologies for its share of company marketing budgets. 'Sensations' reminds people of what is so special about screen printing – the possibility of bringing a print to life through the use of special effects that no other printing process is able to offer. Screen printing creates prints which can be seen, felt and smelt.

To purchase FESPA’s Sensation book contact:

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