Grafica News - April 2011

Grafica's equipments enable Shingora Textiles make high quality screens

Screen is the heart of screen printing.' This is a quality slogan specially coined for screen printing industry. But very few enterprises such as Shingora Textiles Limited, Ludhiana are serious about this quality slogan.

Few years ago, Shingora Textiles decided to set up their inhouse screen making unit, instead of outsourcing, to make high quality screens, necessary to produce world class fashion wardrobes. Surely for them the choice was Grafica.

Today, Grafica's tailor made large size screen stretching equipment, jumbo screen exposing unit, emulsion coating machine, screen dryer smoothen the process of high quality screen making at Shingora Textiles.

Earlier they had only weaving facilities and printing was outsourced. Later they set up a inhouse screen printing unit and all the operations were carried out manually. But a progressive minded entrepreneur, Amit Jain – Director (Development) of Shingora Textiles, realized the need for setting up modern screen printing unit which would fully integrate their modern process house with printing and weaving facilities. “This was to facilitate smoother production with quality and meet delivery schedules,” says Bhupinder Singh, Shingora Textiles' General Manager – Production. And he goes on to add his views on Grafica technology:

Reasons to choose Grafica's textile screen making system:

In screen printing, screen making is the basis for quality printing. If screen making is not perfect then we cannot achieve quality in printing. So, we wanted advanced screen making system to make quality screens. We found Grafica's system best suited for higher productivity and quality screen making. Above all their machines are very sturdy hence good for long term use.

I know Grafica for the last 7 years. I have regularly visited their stalls at various exhibitions. They have a good market reputation. In my view, there is no other company which is at par with Grafica in India in manufacturing quality machines including screen making system for textile industry.

Performance of Grafica's large format screen making system:

Their machine's performance is excellent. Our operators are comfortable with Grafica's screen making system.

Founded in 1986, Shingora Textiles Ltd today stands at the 'focal point' of glamorous fashion wear market. It is India's leading manufacturer and exporter of scarves, shawls and throws. In fact, they are largest exporter of woollen shawls in India. According to a company official, the products are imprinted with innovative designs created by their inhouse design team.

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