Grafica News - Aug 2011

“We are in a advantageous position being Representative of Grafica in Kolkata”

Sushil Golchha, founder of Nilesh Enterprise, has enthusiastically decided to represent Grafica to market their Nano range of semiautomatic screen printing machines and allied equipment in Kolkata.

Interview with Sushil Golchha:

Why did you decide to represent Grafica?

Grafica is now one of the well known brands in screen printing machinery. We see new opportunities and we are now in a better position to offer quality materials along with quality machines to our customers.

We decided to promote their machines aggressively after the launch of Nano-Print and other Nano-series machines, keeping in mind our eagerness to establish long term association with them, although they offer limited margin.

That's because Nano series is a most promising concept. These are not only excellent quality saleable products but also have reasonable price tag. Nano-Print is an innovative creation of Grafica, it functions smoothly; it has simple yet attractive look, easy to operate. It is an excellent machine in 15” x 20” range.

Your experience with Grafica?

Grafica is highly professional in their approach towards customers. Before buying machine they guide their customers properly; and after installing the machine, they extend full technical support. This is their USP.

We are thankful to Grafica because with their support we could participate in four exhibitions in Kolkata.

Your views on DMI:

I had visited their DMI on several occasions and I have never seen such institute in India. I personally motivate prospective customers to attend DMI's workshop. My brother Rajesh had also attended DMI's workshops. DMI's knowledge is a stepping stone for success for many printers.

What is so special about Grafica's service?

The biggest plus point of Grafica is that not only their engineers efficiently install the machine and explain how to operate it but also capable of carrying out trials and commence commercial production.

While their machine is of superior quality, their service is par excellence which gives us peaceful sleep. If service is bad, we will have a sleepless night!

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