Grafica News - Aug 2011

“After our business has increased many-fold” says Kaushik Mistry

“Since the deployment of Grafica's Nano Premier League (NPL), more than comfort level, our business has increased,” reveals Kaushik Mistry proprietor of Ahmedabad based Aster Graphic Systems (AGS).

The company's signage products are supplied to machine tools industry, machinery and electrical panel manufacturer, oil and gas, chemical industry, steel and power, ports.

His take on NPL:

“I wanted inhouse facility for operational freedom. That's what NPL offers. The vacuum system in Nano-Print gives better control in terms of accuracy in printing of multicolour jobs. This reduces rejection.”

His views Grafica:

“Grafica has made rapid improvement in the quality of their machine besides constantly adding new features. They have been introducing new models, latest being most user friendly Nano-Print and NPL package which was quite affordable and quite fitting my production requirements. So, I fell in K. Raghavendra Raju, proprietor of Hyderabad based Vijaya Printers was caught in the illusion that screenprinting is losing its shine until he attended DMI's workshop and bought Grafica's Nano-Premier League (NPL). “ After attending this workshop I realized that screen printing was not dying but it is making a new beginning especially with the advent of automation and UV special effects,” he recalls. I wanted to make a new beginning in screen printing, using new print finishing ideas, right method of screen making, etc. which I learnt thoroughly at DMI. I bought NPL to do innovative jobs and value addition on wedding cards, paper bags, corporate brochures and print finishing on offset printed jobs,” says Raju. love with Nano,” says Kaushik. “ The interesting aspect of Grafica is that they are customer oriented; their R&D team is adaptable to customers' special needs. This is something unique.”

DMI workshop experience: “ Before DMI I was under the impression that I know lot about screen printing. But on 3rd day of DMI workshop, I confessed on the stage, in front of 40+ printing professionals that whatever I have learnt at DMI was new additional knowledge and had I learnt such advanced Screen Printing techniques 5 years ago, I might be at much higher level.”

Future plans:

“ Soon I will be going for a Nano- Print plus and probably a high end machine at later stage. This reflects how much I am satisfied with NPL.

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The company has scaled a new height in the manufacture of wide range of signage, rulers and labels for industrial application, printed on different substrates.

These include: Security and Safety signage decals produced as per ISO, CE, ANSI formats; Rulers/scales with 0.5 mm graduation with accuracy for industrial application, under the brand AGS flexiScale; Industrial labels and stickers: Tamper evident seals, Tamper proof seals, and Membrane switches.

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