Grafica News - Aug 2011

Arihant Printers offers value added packaging in Kolkata

With Grafica's Cylinder Press and inline UV working in full 'Swing', Kolkata based Arihant Printers are now focussing more on offering premium quality print finishing services to offset printers in Kolkata. Established in 2005, Arihant Printers is a sister concern of Diamond Varnish, a company started in 1975 by Dilip Kumar Jain. Arihant is spearheaded by his son Sunny Jain and he is assisted by his brother Sandeep. Arihant has four units spread over 15000 sq. ft, housing pre press, a design team, 4 colour offset, complete post press set up, foil printing and lamination. Their print portfolio include: Packaging such as clothing boxes, sweet boxes; mass wedding card sheets; diaries and calendars, gift boxes and all types of specialised commercial jobs.

Why did you opt for Grafica’s cylinder press?

I have every reason to believe that hispeed cylinder press and inline UV is truly an economical investment. So, we acquired cylinder press to increase our production capacity and to explore all our creative capabilities. I would say, 'What is not possible in a semi auto machine is possible in cylinder press.'

We did see many other brands with lesser price but choose Grafica. That's because we did not want to make compromise on quality and repent later. Also, when so many printers speak about their cylinder press and DMI through Grafica News, our trust and confidence level in brand Grafica built up further.

What did you like the most in Grafica's cylinder press particularly?

  1. Registration system
  2. High speed
  3. Well-built machine - We almost run the machine in two shifts.
  4. Consistent print quality
  5. Side lay sensors
  6. No complicated mechanism. I and my operator did not take much time to understand its operations/functions

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