Grafica News - Aug 2011

Bonika Graphics produces import substitute tags

“I could not believe when I heard that my entry 'garment tags,' printed on Grafica's Nano-Print, received first prize in the Screen Print India Awards 2010 competition.” This is what Pukhraj Jain of Kolkata based Bonika Graphics has to say when asked about the performance of Grafica's Nano-Print.

As a trader earlier Bonika used to import tags and supply to garment companies in India. “Ever since we deployed Nano-Print, a UV curing machine and exposing unit, tide has changed for the better. We have now reduced import of tags by 50%. That's because we are now capable of producing about 40,000-50,000 tags per day on Nano-Print with fine prints.”

Bonika produces tags with multiple UV special effects which help garment companies to enhance their brand value. “We have successfully tried almost all effects available in India such as crystal UV, abrasive, coral, bubble, structure, etc on substrates such as paper, velvet, cloth, paper board upto 500 gsm.”

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