Grafica News - Aug 2011

From Nano-Print to Cylinder Press in just one year

Hitesh Dobariya of Rajkot-based Dee Ech Art, has been dreaming to buy a Cylinder Press and inline UV for the last couple of years. He translated his dream it into a reality within one year after buying two Nano-Prints, one after another.

After investing in two Nano- Prints, why did you opt for Grafica's Cylinder Press?

That's because we are doubly satisfied customer of Grafica. When I bought first Nano-Print from them I had already set my ambition to buy a Cylinder Press. However, I felt that to make this dream a reality I must have strong support from a reliable supplier. No doubt, their machine is already of world class. However, as we are located in remote place of Saurashtra and catering to many printers in the region, for us reliable

service support was very crucial. That's because our business fully depends on job work and our customers highly rely on our timely delivery. I thank Grafica team who never let us to fail for any reason. That's is why we felt fully assured and confidently bought Grafica's Cylinder Press.

What is your strategy behind deploying a fully automatic screen printing machine?

Sine our production requirement has increased after deploying two Nano- Prints and learning UV techniques at DMI Workshop, we started introducing new innovative ideas and we received good response from the market. So, instead of acquiring couple of semi automatic machines we directly jumped cylinder press buy to full fill my dream into reality. Now, with Grafica's Cylinder Press we are able to achieve higher production with less effort and keeping in mind our future growth to tap value addition market in this region aggressively.

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