Grafica News - Aug 2011

Grafica's Nano Premier League takes visitors by surprise at FESPA Mexico 2011

The Made in India, Grafica Nano Premier League and DMI's Creative Finishing samples with UV Special Effects took hundreds of visitors by surprise at Fespa Mexico'11 held on 18, 19, 20 August 2011.

RH Solutions, Grafica's newly appointed Supplier for North America and their local subdistributor Distribuidora Graficolor enjoyed the lively welcome and warm embrace from curious visitors as it was for the first time such a appealing technology was displayed in Mexican market.

Graficolor's Educational Instructor Jorge Rivas, UV Specialist Marco Antonio Gonzalez and RH Solutions Director Ron Hayden kept the seeking visitors fully engaged with convincing explanations on Grafica's low cost high quality screen printing package NPL and the nuances of producing value added products by screen printing process.

Back from Mexico, Ron reported: “Many visitors regionally and abroad who's eyes lit up when seeing Grafica's NPL and DMI's Special Effects creative print samples eloquently displayed. The visitors were fascinated with the extraordinary power of screen printing special effects and print finishing.”

He continued: “While this sheer positive excitement was not limited to screen printers but also the digital, offset and flexography industry rapidly learned how they too, can benefit from creative finishing enlivened with special effects for value added-addition.”

And the comments made by Jorge Rivas who's many loyal customers and students swarmed the stand constantly, were significant: “We need Grafica's high quality, low cost screen printing machinery concept and the power of Special Effect for creative enhancements in Mexico.”

FESPA Mexico 2011 delivered a strong return in the form of many serious inquiries for Grafica Screen Printing machines and Special Effect Products supplied by RH Solutions in North America.

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