Grafica News - Aug 2011

Grafica appoints RH Solutions as supplier for North American

Nano-series screen printing machines to be showcased at SGIA Expo 2011

After setting up base in UAE and European market, Grafica Flextronica, has recently appointed Milford (USA) based RH Solutions LLC as Supplier for North America with immediate effect. RH Solutions will distribute and service Grafica's wide range of screen printing machines, screen making set up and UV curing machines in the US market.

Following its alliance with Grafica, RH Solutions LLC, USA is actively setting up major distribution channels throughout North America with established installations, aftersales support, parts and engineering, sales mainly derived by regional distributors.

Announcing this development, Grafica's managing director Bhargav Mistry said: “Screen printing as a versatile process has huge demand in industrial printing, textiles, graphics and packaging. Screen printers in the Americas can explore the power and secrets of screen printing for value addition, the way we have successfully explored in India. Hence, I see a great potential for Grafica's products in the Americas.”

He continued: “The marketing, distribution and service network set up by Grafica through RH Solutions is well timed as the SGIA 2011 Expo is round the corner.”

RH Solutions will show case Grafica's Nano-series screen printing machines and allied equipment packaged as Nano Premier League (NPL) at SGIA Expo 2011.

Recently, in association with its local sub-distributor Graficolor, RH Solutions had exhibited Grafica's NPL at FESPA Mexico held in Mexico City on 18-20 August 2011. As per the feedback received from RH Solutions, the Mexican market was very aroused by Grafica's NPL. The comments from the Mexican screen printing community reviewing Grafica's machines for the first time ever, was encouraging: “We need Grafica's complete in- house screen printing solution in Mexico!” That's because Grafica's Nano-range machines will perfectly fit the demands of Mexico market because of the 'high quality, low cost' concept.

RH Solutions had also displayed Grafica's Nano-series screen printing machine and equipment at the 2011 SGIA Printed Electronics & Membrane Switch Symposium. This was Grafica's second presence in the US market. Grafica had demonstrated its NPL series at FESPA Americas in Orlando, USA in February 2011.

NPL is a complete screen printing package introduced by Grafica for the first time in the world which comprises Nano-Print, a 15” x 20” semi automatic screen printing machine, Nano-UV curing machine, Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1 (which comprises fabric stretching apparatus, screen coating unit, screen exposing unit with metalhalide lamp, screen dryer, screen touch up table) Nano-Sharpener.

Commenting on RH Solutions' alliance with Grafica, company's director Ron Hayden said: “We happened to see live demo NPL and process colour screen printing above 100 LPI using Nano-Print at FESPA AMERICAS. After a close evaluation I came to the conclusion that Grafica is a manufacturer of high quality semi to fully automatic screen printing machines and ancillary equipment. We realised that there lies a good market for Grafica's machines in the Americas.”

He continued: “We studied inside and out and found that Grafica machines are engineered with a heavy duty chassis/base together with high quality components for reliability, high performance repeatability and long life yet, economically prominent. Especially I also saw a great potential for their brand new innovation – Nano-Print plus, an ergonomically designed semi automatic screen printing machine which was voted 'Best Product of the Year' during Screen Print India Expo 2010, an international exhibition held in Mumbai in December 2010.”

According to Ron, customers in US market are looking for quality, competitive price and excellent service support. “Industrial-quality built machines and equipment are very important as well as the support behind it and that's why RH Solutions has formed a strategic alliance with Grafica which is very well known for its excellent products, responsive technical support and after sales service,” he added.

“RH Solutions implements the same philosophy as Grafica, providing qualified before and after sales support. Additionally, RH Solutions is dedicated and determined to satisfy the needs of the American market with superior quality from Grafica. The partnership with our customer is our priority. As a result, we are firmly convinced that any customer needs or ideas are worthy of serious consideration and analysis, while evaluating all possibilities and benefits offered through our partnership with Grafica,” Ron concluded.

About RH Solutions:

RH Solutions, based in Milford (OH), USA, established in 2008 is specialized as an authorized import supplier for Grafica Flextronica's 'Innovative and Award Winning' Screen Printing Machines and Allied Equipment, Siasprint's world leading multicolor screen-printing machines and UV Special Effect Products that will enable printing companies to increase profits with an array of value added finishing, be it screened, offset, flexography or digital prints.

RH Solutions is spearheaded by Ron Hayden, who has over 30 years of application experience and product knowledge in various commercial and industrial graphic printing sectors. RH Solutions specializes in budgetconscious, high quality screen printing machinery solutions for membranes, overlays, product labeling, circuitry, PV/solar, IMD, dial/gauges, transfers/decals, medical, nano-particles, R & D, electronics, high-performance industrial applications and all other graphic applications

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