Grafica News - Aug 2011

“Grafica in broadened my vision advanced screen printing”

Who says commercial screen printing has no future. Here is a success story of a commercial screen printer who first shifted from manual screen printing to entry level automation. The initial success in automation stimulated him to invest in a high end screen printing machine.

We are talking about Mandar Dixit, proprietor of Nashik based Mayur Graphics. Recently he took his company to the next level by investing in Grafica's 20” x 30” Camshell, UV curing machine and complete screen making set up which are now housed in his new 1500 sq.ft printing unit. He is also now assisted by his other half Mrs. Rajashree Dixit who was a school teacher until 2010.

Why did he invest in a Camshell?

“I invested in Grafica's Camshell particularly to offer innovative packaging products such as paper carry bags, designer garment boxes, jewellery and wine shops; luxury sweet boxes, etc,” asserts Mandar. “Make ready' is easy and faster in this machine, the pneumatic system gives equal squeegee pressure, it is easy to operate function-wise and we are able to explore it fully as per our requirement.”

Why did he choose brand Grafica again?

Interestingly, at one point of time when he was planning to buy a machine, he was discouraged by his friends in the industry saying that automation (screen printing machine) was not a successful concept.

“I have used/have been using Grafica's mini camshell extensively for over 5 years. I am a fully satisfied customer of Grafica and I have been receiving full technical support from DMI in all respects. Hence I did not even indulge in soliciting quotations from other suppliers to do cost comparison.”

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