Grafica News - Aug 2011

House wife - printing professional prefers Nano-Print

Your views on Nano-Print?

While taking a trial at Grafica, I found this machine easy to use. It is user friendly machine never seen before.

Let me tell you, being a woman I have understood the harsh reality of pulling the squeegee everyday so much so that it caused lot of health problems for me. I used to get severe pain in my shoulders. Also technically speaking rejection and wastage was very common in manual screen printing so automation was the only solution. If this could happen to me than as a human I should take care of my people. That's why I thought to go for automation. For the past 8 years I struggled hard but sorry to say, I could not grow in my business because of manual screen printing. Thanks to DMI's Workshop which gave me new direction and special thanks to Bhargav sir for giving me correct guidance to improve my quality. I sincerely thank Grafica for taking care for small screen printers like me Nano Interview by introducing Nano-Print in India at an affordable price. Because of Nano-Print I dared to go for automation, but my confidence doubled after I attended DMI's Workshop.

Your DMI workshop experience:

I could easily grasp fantastic knowledge from DMI Workshop much needed to grow in my business. With Nano-Print, my ambition is to build a successful screen printing unit and dream to go for complete NPL package.

My message to all manual screen printers:

If I could think of investing in a Nano-Print why can't you… Also, I urge women to take up screen printing as a self employment and take full advantage from DMI Workshop.

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Printers who hesitate to go for automation and 'fond' of tedious manual screen printing should now take a leaf out of the experiences of this housewife turned, social worker cum printing professional.

Meet Sunita Jamdade of Ankita Screen, located at Wai, a small town some 60 km from Satara city in Maharashtra who is a proud owner of Grafica's Nano- Print. With Grafica's Nano-Print, she undertakes all types of types of screen printing jobs easily; that include wedding card, stationery, stickers and labels, paper bags. Apart from printing business she helps her husband in his farming activities.

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