Grafica News - Aug 2011

New Model Impex screen prints braille on pharma packaging

“As the requirement of value addition increased tremendously we thought it prudent to set up an inhouse screen printing unit to maintain control over delivery schedules and quality. In-house screen printing process is now becoming a necessity for offset printers to offer better solution” says Arvind Agarwal, MD. New Model Impex uses Grafica's screen printing machine for Braille printing on pharma packaging, value addition on calendars, book covers, strip gumming or full gumming to make stickers and posters, etc. The company undertake all types of commercial jobs for big corporate houses and MNCs such as Annual Reports, brochures, leaflets, calendars, diaries, various publicity materials, book printing and packaging. “15% of our turnover is generated from packaging” he adds.

“Grafica's screen printing machines are high quality & rugged for continuous use. Grafica not only makes good machines but are also committed to educate the printers which is really wonderful” he concludes.

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Arvind Agarwal, MD New Model Impex PL, New Delhi New Delhi based New Model Impex Pvt Ltd, spread over 18,000 sq.ft, houses 2 color to 5 color Heidelberg printing machines used to earlier

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