Grafica News - Aug 2011

Kohinoor Printing Press opts for Grafica´s Cylinder Press

With this high end screen printing technology, Kohinoor Printing Press render delightful experience to offset/packaging printers in Kolkata by offering them aesthetically appealing value addition service with speed and consistent quality.

Why did you invest in a fully automatic press?

That's because we were confronted with labour shortage and production constraints in our semi-automatic printing unit which had five semi automatic screen printing machines. Adding couple of more semi auto machines to jack up production, as part of our expansion, would have required additional manpower. Hence we felt that a fully automatic line with UV is the best economical proposition.

Why did you prefer brand Grafica?

We wanted to buy the machine from a reliable manufacturer who has excellent track record in offering prompt after sales service, training and technical support. We found none other than Grafica as the best option.

In what way cylinder press has benefited you?

We believe that cylinder press and with inline UV is a great combination to convert our great ideas into superb quality products. Let me assert that operational efficiency of our printing unit has drastically improved in all respects, including wastage reduction.

What's so special about Grafica's service?

Many manufacturers forget once their machine is installed at customers' place. But the biggest plus point of Grafica is that they are in constant touch with us; DMI's faculty was here to guide us during trial runs and helped us to stream line our production. The uniqueness of Grafica is that through the Grafica News they also give us publicity and this way our presence is made felt in the printing industry.

What is your future plan?

We will soon shift our unit spread over 4000 sq.ft, to another location with15000 sq ft space which will house our entire printing facilities. We also plan to acquire a 5 colour offset.

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