Grafica News - Aug 2011

Nandha UV offers value addition in Sivakasi

“We had received excellent feedback from the market including from raw material supplier, about brand Grafica and their service. That reference was a stepping stone to reach out to the world of Grafica.”

“It was easy for us to make smooth transition from manual to automation because of its easy operational features. Our screen making knowledge was limited but after attending DMI's Workshop we understood the importance of screen making. We are now able to achieve finer print quality with perfect registration after investing in automation,” explains George.”

“During the workshop, we understood that screen printing is a powerful process and even plays complementary role to offset for value addition. DMI has really showed us the way to a creative world of screen printing. Even if we have language problem Grafica team is managing with us very well whenever any service support is needed. They are encouraging us to do quality jobs. We walked into their Grafica as 'customer' and came out as friends,” concludes George

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