Grafica News - Aug 2011

Ramesh Patel renames his firm after Nano-Print

Ramesh Patel, a Ludhiana based printer specialized in bicycle sticker manufacturer, has renamed his 7 year old firm R.S. Stickers to 'Nano Halftone Company' to proudly express his love for Grafica's Nano- Print.

“I never visited Grafica's factory. However after watching Grafica's Nano-Print video on their website, I was excited and immediately booked without indulging in any kind of market research. Once the machine reached my factory, I could not control my joy and decided to rename my company to 'Nano Halftone Company' as gesture of my ownership of this unique machine,” says the jubilant entrepreneur.

“I realized the great benefits of automation. That's why I bought Grafica's Nano-Print and dumped 5 manual screen printing tables in a bid to deliver high quality bicycle stickers. Let me admit that with Nano-Print I am progressing.”

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