Grafica News - January 2011

Success in automation led me to go for 2nd machine

The demand for sports goods is growing day by day, so too the demand for decals required to decorate these sports goods is also increasing. That's why Meerut based Ratan Printers, one of a loyal customers of Grafica bought another Two-Post Pillar, Semi Automatic Screen Printing Machine, thus reposing renewed confidence in Grafica technology and their service. “With another new machine from Grafica, our confidence in decal printing has also gone up in terms of quality and higher production”, says Mr. Rajesh Kumar of Ratan Printers.

Rajesh Kumar

Ratan Printers, Meerut “We are comfortably using our first machine since last more than 2 years without any trouble. That reflects our loyalty towards Grafica brand.”

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