Grafica News - January 2011

Leading publishing house Brijbasi Art Press Ltd., Noida

With the installation of Grafica's Cylinder Press, NOIDA based Brijbasi Art Press Limited has started incorporating value addition to its various printed products. The company's activities are majorly divided into book publishing, commercial printing, posters and calendars, and various stationery products – all of which now require 'value addition' at some stage.

Here is the excerpt of the interview with Mr. Saurabh Garg, Director of the company.

Why did you adopt Screen Printing Process?

In fact the thought came to us somewhere a year ago. We were looking for newer technologies to enhance the value of our various products since offset has certain limitations. We found screen printing is the ideal technique in print finishing and value addition. Today I am proud that in spite of 12 offset printing machines in our press (which includes 4 - 8 col machines from Heidelberg) we took this bold step of going into fully automatic screen printing machine whereas most people would consider it a 'backward step.

What is the reason to go for a fully automatic Cylinder Press?

Because we always have high volume jobs and Fully Automatic Cylinder Press is the only option.

Why did you prefer Grafica?

When it comes to screen printing I feel Grafica is the only brand name in this industry to whom we can trust. Since we were just stepping into screen printing for the first time, we wanted to get associated with the leader only. In fact today we are not only using their high quality Cylinder Press but also benefited with their extensive technical support, knowledge and training.

About after sales service:

With Grafica's support we expect to explore lot more possibilities in screen printing as this is just out beginning. The company' service has been exceptionally good and we hope to receive Grafica' excellent service in future as well.

Performance of Cylinder Press:

We have been using Grafica's Cylinder Press for the last two months continuously without any trouble.

Brijbasi Art Press Ltd., a market leader in calendars and posters also exports children's books worldwide to 60 countries. Set up in 1993, the NOIDA based printing house finds its roots in a 90-year old family business which was into printing calendars. They have total inhouse high performance oriented Pre-press, Press and Post-press services to deliver high quality products.

Your message to printers:
I have reason to believe that screen printing definitely provides big opportunities to printing industry and I recommend Grafica's machine strongly.

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