Grafica News - January 2011

‘I am exploring ceramic transfers printing’ on Nano-Print

Bhadresh Panchal of Ahmedabad based Bhagwati Printers was very delighted after reading news about the launch of Grafica's NANO-PRINT in a trade magazine. That's because he was tired of running small manual screen printing unit and even his earning was also very discouraging. So, within few days he rushed to Grafica and found the machine to be a real 'vehicle' for his success. He was not only delighted to see the performance of the machine but also excited to glance various innovative screen printed samples at DMI gallery. “It was like an educational tour to me because I also received lot of ideas and in depth knowledge even before buying my NANOPRINT.” Besides routine commercial jobs, he has now big plans to venture into ceramic transfer printing. He also plans to buy a UV dryer from Grafica as he found tremendous scope in print finishing to provide value addition to offset printers.

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