Grafica News - January 2011

Grafica's nano print plus your plus point

NANO-PRINT plus is an ergonomically designed low cost high quality semi automatic screen printing machine with an unusual look. It is user-comfy. It was unveiled on 8th December 2010 with lot of enthusiasm and curiosity at the Screen Print India 2010 Exhibition in Mumbai.

Based on my success of launching NANO-PRINT a year ago and customers' feedback, Grafica's design team had closely evaluated the market needs and NANO-PRINT plus was the offshoot of their innovative thinking and R&D. This easy to operate machine will drive away most of the work hazards involved in manual screen printing operations.

Technical Features

  1. PLC (Programable logic controller)
  2. High quality electrical components
  3. AC Motor of Class “F” Insulation
  4. VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) for precise speed control
  5. Imported geared motor (lifetime lubricated)
  6. High quality steel fabrication
  7. High quality pressure die-cast aluminum parts
  8. Hard anodized aluminum extrusions
  9. All moving parts hardened for longer life
  10. Honey comb vacuum bed with stainless steel top
  11. Zero backlash precision micrometer for vacuum bed movement to get accurate registration
  12. Compact powerful vacuum blower to hold substrate firmly while printing
  13. Squeegee head motion on precision imported guide rails
  14. Imported timing belt for squeegee head movement
  15. Independent squeegee and flood bar pressure control
  16. Aluminum extruded squeegee holder
  17. Aluminum extruded flood bar with 0.5 mm edge to print consistent halftones thus reduces ink deposition
  18. Optional stainless steel edged flood bar to print ceramic / glass inks
  19. Hard nickel plated metal parts to avoid corrosion
  20. Hardened cams and shafts to increase life of machine thus reduces wear and tear
  21. Castor wheels for easy mobility
  22. Foot switch for easy operation
  23. Auto mode to bypass foot switch
  24. Safety bars to avoid accident

  • Max print area: 18” x 24” (460 mm x 610 mm)
  • No Compressor required
  • Single Phase

plus features:
  1. Adjustable screen frame holder
  2. Variable printing stroke length
  3. Single/Double stroke selection
  4. Digital Stroke Counter
  5. Parallel screen frame movement (Convenient for spot UV varnish and low viscosity inks to avoid ink spillage all over the screen)

plus 'optional’ features:
  1. Peel off mechanism (To achieve fine reproduction of halftone dots and avoid smudging, bleeding and smearing)
  2. Vacuum by foot (to register on curly and unstable paper/ substrates accurately and easily)
  3. Also available with max print area 22” x 28” (558 mm x 711 mm)

  1. Single phase (plug n play)
  2. No expensive air compressor required
  3. Reduces manpower
  4. Minimum maintenance
  5. Minimum settings
  6. Quick job changeover, faster production
  7. No hidden cost, it's fully featured
  8. Lower squeegee rubber cost (8 x 30 mm)
  9. Requires less space 4.5” x 3.5”= approx. 15 sq. ft.
  10. Screen frame holder compatible with aluminum, metal & wooden frames
  11. Print with any types of solvent, plastisol and UV inks
  12. Minimum investment, faster returns

Technical Data

Description Model: GF-1824 Nano-Print Plus
Max Print Area 18” x 24” (457.2 mm x 609.6 mm)
Vacuum Bed 26.8” x 31.8” (681.4 mm x 808.6 mm)
Vacuum Bed Movement for Registration ± 10 mm
Screen Frame Size Min: 26” x 20” (606.4 mm x 508 mm)
Max: 34” x 40” (863.6 mm x 1016 mm)
Max Off-Contact 10 mm
Max Substrate Thickness 5 ~ 7 mm (Depends on mesh tension)
Squeegee Holders 15.75" (400 mm) min & 20" (508 mm) max
Flood Coater 20" (508 mm) min & 28" (762 mm) max
Power Consumption 1.5 HP (1.2 kW)
Dimensions As shown in the illustration below
Weight 290 Kg

Precision Guide Rail

Quick change over of aluminum extruded squeegee and flood bar

High Quality AC Geared Motor

PLC (Programable logic controller) and High Quality Electrical Components

Imported timing belt for squeegee head movement

Compact Powerful Vacuum Blower

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) for precise speed control

Sturdy, light weight honey comb vacuum bed with stainless steel top and precision micrometer to get accurate registration

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