Grafica News - January 2011

Chanakya Prints & Packs finds great potential in screen printing

A short interview with Vikram, Director Chanakya Prints & Packs, Delhi

Why screen printing?
“Certain jobs of our valued customers such as vinyl labels demanded the application of screen printing since it could not be printed through offset.

Why Grafica?
To do high quality screen printing I think Grafica machines are very productive, reliable brand with best quality and service,” says Vikram, Director of the company.

“Using Grafica's machine we have substantially increased productivity and quality in printing. In fact, I would say it has given us the confidence to expand our business.”

Chanakya Prints & Packs, one of those few companies who have realized the great potentials of advanced screen printing are now using Grafica's Semi-automatic Screen Printing Machine for value addition and to produce labels and stickers for white goods industry. The company has total in-house setup to manufacture corrugated boxes,

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