Grafica News - January 2011

DMI sets world record by winning 7 international awards at ASPT - USA

DMI sets world record by clinching two hatricks in international students' competitions.

Ever since its inception in 2006, DMI is continuing its saga of winning awards in national and international students' competitions. This year DMI has set a world record by clinching two hatricks in two major international awards competitions and made India proud.

By winning Silver at FESPA 2010 Munich, DMI became the first screen printing institute in the world to win in FESPA's Youth competitions for three years' in succession. And recently in the ASPT students' competition 2010, it sealed yet another hatricks by cornering awards for 4 consecutive years. DMI has won four Gold (Awards of Excellence), three Bronze (Honorable Mention) and One "BEST OF SHOW" awards in ASPT's Tom Frecska Student Printing Competition 2010. This means out of its 8 entries, DMI, cornered 7 awards.

Reportedly, there were 61 entries from various institutes in the Post Secondary section out of which, 17 entries were bestowed with awards. DMI's was the only entity from India in this section which had submitted 8 entires out of which 7 were bestowed with awards. This is indeed a magnificent feat by DMI students. The more incredible feat was that DMI bagged the 'BEST IN SHOW' honor, which was awarded jointly to Shailesh Yeole and Firoz Chippa for their magnificent color process entry titled: 'Munich River. These two students have been the torch bearer of DMI who win awards at every national and international competition.

The winning students will receive an ASPT 'Student Achievement Award plaque', a monetary scholarship towards graphic education. The instructor will also receive 4 plaque and monetary award for their Graphic arts education program.

In his special message to DMI's Director Bhargav Mistry, Mr. Mike Young, a Consultant with Imagetek Consulting International, USA, noted: “This year, the competition was tough from several really good entries from US students - effectively setting up a challenged to the Indian 'block'. Please give your students a resounding thanks and appreciation in all their efforts and endeavors and not forgetting their instructor of course.”

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