Grafica News - January 2011

Nano-print plus wins Best Product Award

On its debut, Grafica’s NANO-PRINT plus won The Best Product Award at Screen Print India 2010 exhibition in Mumbai

From the moment of unveiling till the end of the 3-day Exhibition, Grafica’s NANO-PRINT plus was literally a SHOW STOPPER.

When the award was announced the whole gathering at the Screen Print India Awards Nite cheered. Team Grafica led by Bhargav Mistry received the award with jubilation and enthusiasm.

It was an immense pleasure visiting Screen Print India Exhibition because of the special recognition - New Innovation Award for our Miniature Screen Printed Books. It was very grateful and nice to meet Grafica's Managing Director Mr. Bhargav Mistry who personally showed me the NANO- PRINT Plus. I also thank Mr. Rajput Jagatsing for showing me the live demo of NANO PRINT plus and explaining its benefits.

I can say that for medium screen printers the low cost NANOPRINT plus would be very useful to print bulk order of letter heads, visiting cards and envelopes. Also, in manual screen printing, multi color job is a time consuming affair hence NANOPRINT plus is also good for such jobs. It can also save manpower as well as time. As observed during the live demo, the final result and the speed and specially the compatibility of adjusting the screen in NANO-PRINT plus is fantastic.

I have seen many screen printing machines but most of them are very costly and also occupying lot of space as compared to NANOPRINT plus. I have never seen such a machine that occupies less space having the facility of adjusting the screen sizes.

I also thank Grafica Flextronica for giving an opportunity to medium screen printers, encouraging them by sponsoring such momentous award (NANOPRINT) to inspire manual screen printers towards automation.

I feel the gesture of awarding the upcoming screen printers to recognise their even small achievements with NANO PRINT is a wonderful idea. I think it will inspire more and more screen printers to do more & more innovation in screen printing.

K. Eswar Kumar
Eswara Screen, Chennai.

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