Grafica News - January 2011

With 6 screen printing machines, Prateek Metal, Delhi

Grows from strength to strength by adding two more 30” x 40” Camshell from Grafica.

With 6 screen printing machines from Grafica, Prateek Metal is growing from strength to strength

With six semi automatic screen printing machines from Grafica, Prateek Metal Industries, a New Delhi based ISO 9001-2000 certified company, is growing from strength to strength, especially after adding two more 30” x 40” camshell.

Why does the company rely only on Grafica for their screen printing machine requirements? “Grafica is a now preferred brand in India. Grafica’s MD, Mr. Bhargav Mistry is a man of high quality thinking, naturally the Quality of the machine produced by his company is also equally good, in the sense it is has been performing very well. Their machines are sturdy, user friendly and Camshell’s ‘Peel Off mechanism’ is most useful feature in our application, and there is no difficulty to achieve accurate registration,” says Mr. Pritam Arora, Director of Prateek Metal Industries.

“Their service support is excellent. Their machine is very simple and easy to operate. We are quite sure of the quality of their machine and can always bank on their after sales service rendered by their cooperative and well natured, technically sound staff.”

The company which started its journey with a modest beginning almost two decades ago by Mr Pritam Arora, that is to say with 3 manual screen printing tables, has grown in terms of technology, staff and area as well (from 450 square feet to 9000 square feet). Today it is equipped with all the in-house facilities.

Prateek Metal Industries is a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate labels, aluminium nameplates, vinyl stickers, tags, decals and displays, polyester membranes, dome stickers, PVC fused cards, etc.

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