Grafica News - January 2011

After 3rd generation a printing house steps into automation

“When I logged on to Grafica's website my attention was arrested by NANO-PRINT's video and after watching it fully I yelled: 'Vow, this is something I was looking for and a machine quite fitting my job, it was compact and had a classic look.” This is the anecdote of Sandeep Sakhare of Vilas Printing Press, Nagpur who bought Grafica's NANO-PRINT along with NANO-UV dryer recently.

Their unit, headed by Sandeep's father Prakash Sakhare and assisted by his elder brother Pravin, houses offset and screen printing set up to undertake all types of quality commercial jobs. “Considering various drawbacks of manual screen printing operation we found NANO-PRINT a perfect substitute for manual screen printing operation.” “Believe me, the entire deal took place online without having to visit Grafica's factory to see the machine demo. That's because the video itself was quite convincing and it reflected Grafica's capabilities.”

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