Grafica News - January 2011

How automation made a difference in printing quality decal?

His final attempt was successful but at one stage he had to sell his property to pump in funds into his new business of producing helmet decals. However, today his unit, set up on a piece of land owned by him somewhere near the Ghaziabad airport, houses Grafica's 20” x 30” Cam Shell.

“I fully trusted when Grafica's official showed me a video of their Cam- Shell. And believe me I booked the machine without visiting Grafica's factory to see live demo or wasting time in making market research.”

“Today I am fully exploiting the machine to its optimum capacity and Grafica's machine is the 'partner of growth' in my decal business. It is delivering excellent results. Now my dependency on skilled labour is also very limited that's because the machine is so user friendly.”

Grafica Cam-Shell lays solid foundation for the success of AOne Screen Printer, Ghaziabad.

Failure and success are part of the game called business. One has to keep fighting even if there were repeated failures. That is what exactly Mr. Sudesh Kumar, owner A-One Screen Printer did when he faced with a similar situation. He ventured into business thrice, unsuccessfully and had to take up jobs in between.

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