Grafica News - January 2011

Sai Ankur deploys NANO-PRINT to produce industrial labels

Thane based Sai Ankur, engaged in all types of industrial printing, has recently switched over to automation in screen printing by deploying Grafica's NANO-PRINT.

NANO-PRINT is used to produce high quality self adhesive PC, PVC, vinyl, polyester stickers, decals and security labels. Acme Print Products a sister concern of Sai Ankur started by Mr. Sameer V. Kheratkar and Mr. Radhakrishnan Sao. Mr. Sao a printing professional with MBA having a chemistry background was not new to Grafica's machines because during his tenure working with one of a leading screen printing ink manufacturers in India over a decade he had visited number of leading screen printing units where Grafica's machines were running successfully and producing high quality results.

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