Grafica News - January 2011

NANO-PRINT was a show stopper at Print Art 10 Ludhiana

Grafica's Nano-Premier League was a star performer at Print-Art Exhibition, Ludhiana

Grafica Flextronica received an overwhelming response to its first exhibition in Kumra Palace, Ludhiana, Punjab. Organized by Offset Printers Association (OPA) in Ludhiana, Punjab - “Printart-2010" - held on 23, 24 and 25th October 2010.

Visitors mostly coming from two main segments – manual screen printers planning for automation and offset printers looking for in-house screen printing unit for print finishing.

In fact, Grafica's NPL and the sample gallery was the only of its kind in the entire exhibition hall and was the show stopper. Many printers making repeat visits to Grafica's stall to understand the creative samples.

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