Grafica News - January 2011

Sushee Coatings, Bangalore diversifies into Heat Transfers after gaining confidence from DMI

With Grafica’s semi automatic screen printing machine in place, B Sangeetha who recently took over the reins of the new printing division of Sushee Coatings Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, after completing her MBA, is now all set to rock the textile heat transfer market. And she is now armed with the rich knowledge in advanced screen printing gained at DMI’s 3-day workshop.

Being a ink manufacturer, why did the company decide to diversify into textile printing business a year ago? “That’s because there is huge market for all types of heat transfers in the textile/garment industry, and we are not competing with our own customers,” says Sangeetha.

“To tap this huge market we needed a right technology and knowledge. We realised that Grafica is the provider of right technology for heat transfer printing and their DMI is the only institute we found in India which imparts right knowledge in screen printing. Also, since our company is into heat transfer ink manufacturing, we are quite familiar with Grafica’s machines which are working quite successfully at many of our customers’ shop floors.”

“The performance of the smoothly functioning machine has been excellent especially setting the accurate registration is very easy, we are indeed satisfied with Grafica’s machine and their service.”

“As for my DMI experience, it was a wonderful training facility. In fact I attended DMI’s workshop first before buying Grafica’s machine specifically to understand the basics of the advanced screen printing. I really gained immense confidence and knowledge at DMI.”

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