Grafica News - april 2012

Divya Sai Arts, Delhi deploys 3 Nano-Prints for Ceramic Transfers

Divya Sai Arts is a manufacturer of decals for tiles, ceramic, glass industry with a monthly capacity of 70,000-80000 sheets per month. They cater to customers in Khurja in UP, Gujarat and Delhi markets. “We bought three Nano-Prints together to overcome quality issues and man-power shortage,” reveals Parveen Kubba, proprietor of Divya Sai Arts who belongs to a family which is into ceramic industry for several decades. “Automation has really made a positive difference in my business,” says Parveen.

“Grafica has a good reputation in the ceramic industry for their sturdy machines. We are completely satisfied with their Nano-Print. Moreover, in-line with their reputation, Grafica offers excellent after sales service with efficient service back up. This has given us further confidence to make investment in Grafica's machines,” he concludes.

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