Grafica News - april 2012

With NPL, two IT engineers, Chennai Dream to revolutionise wedding card market

Before buying NPL, the duos had also attended DMI’s workshop to know the nuances of advanced screen printing process. “DMI workshop was a phenomenal experience. We learnt how we can combine design elements and UV special effects to produce extraordinary wedding cards with less effort,” says Dinesh and Vasant, cofounders of DreamCards. They have two show rooms, one in Chennai (Thiruvanmiyur ) and another at Thiruvallur outskirt of Chennai city.

‘DreamCards’ is an offshoot of their software product development company DreamApp. DreamApps offers websites, software application tools, design service, software application tools for social media such as Facebook, Orkut, mobiles, iPods. DreamCards offers a comprehensive wedding solution that includes pre event and post event messaging service facilitated through a custom made website in the name of bride-grooms. They offer theme based wedding cards which can also be made available online and the URL link is given to the customer so that they can send it among friends and relatives. They also offer theme based hall decoration, photo-album, video upload on website, paper bags, gift/sweet boxes. “We are also working on ‘paper engineering’ concept to give magical touch to wedding cards,” says Dinesh.

“A complimentary website is offered for cards above Rs.15 with minimum print order of 500 cards. The complimentary website will have only few basic features such as pdf/jpeg file upload, guest book, home page, etc. As per the budget, we offer additional value added service such as photo album, reminder notes, video clips, address book of invitees, message broad-cast during the whole cycle of the wedding ceremony, right from engagement to reception, theme based music, payment gateway for delivery of gift to bride-grooms right at the marriage hall (this facility is for non-attending invitees), event schedule, venue map, etc. The website will also have instant connection to social media sites such as Facebooks,” explains Dinesh.

“Grafica’s Nano-Print is a perfect entry level machine for new entrants like us. With NPL, complete inhouse screen printing set up, we are able to transform all our great ideas into beautiful wedding cards and establish our brand in the market,” concludes Dinesh

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