Grafica News - april 2012

“Nano-Print is the 'key to my future success” says 'Rag-to-Riches' man

He came to Mumbai in 1985 at the age of 10, from Penugonda (then a remote backward village in Andhra Pradesh) along with his parents in search of livelihood. Currently, Baba Print House undertakes all types of commercial jobs besides offering print finishing service to offset/ packaging printers. “I invested in Grafica's Nano-Print and Nano-UV to offer innovative print finishing service to offset printers in our locality,” informs Babu.

While sharing his tale, Babu reveals that he once walked to work barefoot on Mumbai's streets. Now drives his car to his 1200 sq.ft printing unit situated at a prominent industrial area in Ghatkopar, a central suburb of Mumbai. With Grafica's Nano- Print, his company strives to create an impression in Mumbai's thriving print finishing market, besides undertaking scratch-card coupon printing on regular basis.

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