Grafica News - april 2012

For Krishna Enterprise, Nano-Print is a big game changer

Krishna Enterprise, Rajkot, has recently procured Nano-Print based on mere trust of quality and overwhelming feedbacks received from Grafica's other customers in Rajkot.

Established about 10 years ago by Arvind Patel, Krishna Enterprise manufactures a wide range of bags under their brand name 'Raj Bag' at their 4000 sq.ft production unit. These include: school, office, travel, shopping, lap-top and tool-kit bags which are manufactured using PVC, nylon, polyester, resin, non woven and other materials. The company has a distributors in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, some parts of south India.

“I would say Nano-Print is a big game changer. There is absolutely 100% difference in print quality than what it used to be in manual screen printing,” he asserts adding, “We have substantially increased our production, and drastically minimised labour cost,” says Arvind Patel, proprietor of Krishna Enterprise.

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