Grafica News - april 2012

“With Nano-Print & Nano-Print plus we reduced labor cost”

Noida-based Artech Industries, manufacturer of industrial labels, has cut down labour cost by almost 50% at the same time they have doubled production, after investing in Grafica's Nano Print and Nano-Print plus. This also speaks about the tangible gains of automation in screen printing.

“Whether it was a mere coincidence or we were fortunate. Immediately after we installed Grafica's Nano- Print plus, we received an order for polycarbonate labels which was impossible to print by manual screen printing,” reveal Surender Singh and his elder brother Bhupinder Singh, partners of Artech Industries. To make the entire screen printing operation cost effective and enhance production capacity, besides improving overall efficiency, they decided to switch over to automation. They claim that automation has enhanced their strength and they are able to execute even toughest jobs in industrial screen printing.

“Both these machines manufactured by Grafica (Nano-Print & Nano-Print plus) are very high quality and useful for industrial labels and stickers because it delivers accurate registration.

“We liked the parallel screen frame movement of Nano-Print plus. It is convenient for low viscosity inks such as solvent to avoid ink spillage all over the screen. I would say this is the great advantage of Nano-Print plus,' says Surender Singh.

“I think the biggest contribution of Grafica is their Grafica News and monthly eNews. I can say Grafica has changed the image of screen printing industry in India. Grafica News is a like a handbook or a guide to screen printers. It is creating awareness about advanced screen printing technology,” he concludes.

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