Grafica News - april 2012

MD Graphics, New Delhi, exploits Cam-Shell for Industrial Printing

When the time was ripe to revamp their screen printing unit, brand Grafica was their preferred choice. “Grafica is a well known company in screen printing industry supplying quality screen printing machines. We had seen their machines working in excellent condition, hence we preferred Grafica,” reasons Mukesh.

“Its squeegee/flood bar mechanism is superb and facilitates easy job changeover. “With such a reliable machine, we are able to meet requirements of our growing clientele,” he adds.

“Since Grafica is a customer oriented company with excellent after sales service, it gives us confidence to deal with our customers with a carefree mind,” he affirms. “Associating with Grafica is a great experience. If at any point of time we need any technical advice they are always there to help us,” he concludes.

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