Grafica News - april 2012

OK Arts, Jetpur prints half million stickers per month on Nano-Print

“With Grafica's Nano-Print and Nano-UV we comfortably produce quality multi colour stickers, labels, and packaging for textile industry such as saree boxes and carry bags with a striking difference than what we used to print on manual screen printing tables,” reveals Chetan Patel, proprietor of OK Arts, Jetpur in the state of Gujarat.

Jetpur, a textile town in Gujarat, is known for manufacture and export of cotton sarees and dress materials in large scale. “Each piece of saree or a dress material requires 3 to 5 different types of stickers, namely, company name & logo sticker, saree brand name and type, wash-care, design type, price, etc,” reveals Chetan. He caters to textile companies in Jetpur, Surat, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, etc

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